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Health – General Overview of NHS provision for Civilians

The National Health Service (NHS) provides medical care for over 55 million people in the UK per year.  The social care however is provided by individual local authorities. The NHS services consist of Primary Care Services which include GP, Dentists and Opticians and of Secondary Care Services which include hospital and community care.

In England, NHS patients' rights are set out in the NHS Constitution. NHS bodies, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and independent organisations providing NHS care in England have a legal duty to have regard to the NHS Constitution.

A person, including persons from abroad, has a right to be registered with a GP if they live within the GP's catchment area. However, a GP may refuse to register a patient but must give reasonable grounds for doing so. There is no charge for basic GP treatment for NHS patients who live in the UK. There are charges for visitors from overseas in some circumstances.

While the NHS is free at the point of use, charges can be made for some services, including prescriptions (but see link below for information about who is exempt), sickness or injury certificates (other than those needed when applying for social security benefits), evidence for a patient to use in challenging a benefit decision, administering vaccinations for travelling abroad and other services.

Information about which health care is covered by the NHS:

Information about NHS patient rights:

Telford Health Watch:

Telford GP surgeries:

NHS Dentists in Telford:

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PALS Telford and Shrewsbury (contact for support with a complaint, etc.):

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Physical health for AF community.

Mental health for AF community

NHS Armed Forces Community Information update for the week ending the 9th April 2021.