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Domestic Abuse Cases Rise During Lockdown

The UK, like many other countries around the world, has seen a rise in domestic abuse cases during the pandemic’s lockdown. Both globally and nationally, there is emerging evidence that incidents are becoming more complex and serious with ‘higher levels of violence and coercive control’. 

According to the UK Home Office Select Committee, serious steps need to be taken to deal with the increasing levels of domestic abuse.  Refuge, a national domestic abuse helpline has reported receiving 49% more calls and domestic abuse killings have doubled since lockdown.  Men’s Advice Line saw an increase in calls of 16.6%.  For others, the phone lines seemed to have stopped ringing, bearing more rising concerns. Haven, a domestic abuse support service in the West Midlands, like many other domestic abuse support organisations, believe that victims are struggling to find a safe space to call due to lockdown conditions. Staying at home is an important part of a global strategy to limit the spreading of the virus and save lives, but for many, homes have become the most unsafe place as perpetrators use lockdown measures to further exploit their victims.

In support of the #youarenotalone campaign, Telford & the Wrekin Citizens Advice Domestic and Emotional Abuse Project webpage has now been updated with important information and resources, including local support numbers and a safety plan for those who are at risk of or experiencing domestic and emotional abuse.

Work often is a safe place for many victims of domestic abuse and at a time when people are urged to continue to work from home, it has also become vital for employers to be in the know of how to best protect their employees who may be at risk of facing increased abuse at home. Telford & the Wrekin Citizens Advice Domestic and Emotional Abuse Project also signposts users to the Home Office COVID-19 employer pack and the Employers Initiative on domestic abuse, both of which provides vital information and resources to employers on how they can best support their employees affected by domestic abuse.

Stopping Domestic Abuse is everyone’s business, together let’s break the wall of silence and raise awareness on domestic and emotional abuse!  

Home Secretary to introduce 'Kay's Law' reform to better protect victims.


For links to organisations involved in stopping domestic abuse see Get Help.